It’s all about the tool…

blogphoto3I finally had the chance to work on my apples this weekend. While apple picking at Myrna’s Orchard ended two weeks ago, the apples have sat in a box out in the garage since then waiting patiently for me to get after them. Not to worry, they have been stored in a cool, dry area, so the apples are still delicious. The thing was, I couldn’t find my handy, dandy apple peeler corer slicer (say that three times!) and there is no way I would attack those apples without it. You’ve got to have the right tool to do the work! At least that’s been my experience.

The first year, I peeled and chopped my apples to freeze, I used a simple paring knife. It took forever. After all the slicing and dicing, I decided that this would be my first AND LAST year to ‘put up’ apples. But then the next year, I was introduced to the apple peeler corer slicer (seriously, there is no other name for it). I’m not sure who suggested the kitchen utility, but after I used it I couldn’t believe the difference. My girls and I now fight to use it to do our apples. I will never go back to that paring knife.

The same lesson was applied when I rebuilt my deck railing. I had a no-name drill that I started with. After an afternoon of sawing and drilling, I thought there was no way that I was ever going to get the railing done. My friend saw my struggle and suggested an expensive Dewalt drill. Just what I didn’t want to spend my money on! Still, I borrowed his and took it for a little spin. The next day, I was at Menards purchasing my own Dewalt. Not only the timeliness, but the quality of my handiwork improved immensely. What a woman can do with the right power tools!

I’ve heard these same kind of ‘life lesson’ stories from numerous ProData customers. They, too, tried a low-end tool to get their work done before they discovered our database utility or one of our other programmer tools. Most of them used the ‘paring knife’ utility, DFU, which comes free with the OS/400 operating system. This sub-standard method to access data caused many IBM i users to pull out their hair! Once they did a little research and talked to others in the industry, they came our way and downloaded DBU for a 30 day trial. After that, they never looked back. Even IBMers choose DBU over DFU!

When it’s all said and done, it’s all about having the right tool to get the job done right!

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