ProData Supports iManifest in US and Abroad

ProData Computer Services, Inc. announces its support for the iManifest phenomenon which is spreading within the midrange community worldwide. ProData has pledged substantial monetary support to both the US and EMEA initiatives and joined the groups formed on LinkedIn.

As an IBM independent software vendor (ISV) for nearly thirty years, ProData has participated in many programs to promote the midrange system such as IBM’s iSeries Developers Roadmap, COMMON America Advisory Council, Advanced Business Partner, and as an IBM Tools Partner. The iManifest initiative offers ProData another opportunity to help re-invigorate the system it has supported for its entire existence.

“We appreciate the efforts of the System i community to continue to build the ecosystem and tout the values of the midrange system to the entire business world.“, said ProData owner and CEO, Allen Hartley. “DBU database utility and our other products are in widespread use in midrange shops around the world and we want to give back and continue to promote the system that made us successful.”

With this announcement, ProData will also increase its efforts within its own organization and customer base to encourage the success of the iManifest through customer interaction, email blasts and newsletter offerings.

About ProData

ProData Computer Services, Inc. is a leading provider of System i utilities. Founded in 1981, ProData has been at the forefront in the creation and evolution of software for the System i and was one of the first companies to work with the IBM relational database architecture. DBU, database utility evolved from this early research and became the tool of choice by AS/400 developers. As a leader in the development of System i utilities, ProData software installations number over 20,000 with distributors located worldwide.

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