ProData announces version 3.0 of Reactivate Deleted Records software

ProData Computer Services Inc, a leading provider of IBM System i software solutions that improve, automate, and streamline database & programming activities, announced today the availability of RDR 3.0, reactivate deleted records.

RDR allows users to retrieve records which have been deleted from the database by mistake. Accidental deletion of database records seem to occur quite often. Typically the retrieval of deleted records would require three manual steps. First, the user would have to restore the files in question from backups. Next, one would have to search for the deleted records. Finally, records would have to be copied back to the file. These steps only work if the file had been saved prior to the deletion of records. Each step is time consuming and could be laden with errors.

RDR takes the effort, delay and uncertainty out of retrieving deleted records from System i files. The utility is easy to use and offers the retrieval of ALL deleted records from a file or only records within a RRN (relative record number) range. Retrieved records will be placed in a second file, which can be designated on the RDR command. Relative record numbers can be attached to each record for further analysis. Building logicals over the retrieved deleted records can also help in locating the correct deleted records. The physical RRN is shown on the display of the logical file records. The desired records can then be copied back into the original file using CPYF or ProData’s DBU database utility can reactivate the records one record at a time.

“ProData continues to offer easy-to-use utilities for the IT professional.” said Allen Hartley, CEO and owner. “RDR is now compatible with V6R1 and initially some OS modifications caused a few problems, but those have been resolved. Customers can use the RDR standalone product or DBU’s record by record reactivation to save themselves a lot of time and effort.”

About ProData

ProData Computer Services, Inc. is a leading provider of iSeries 400 utilities. Founded in July 1981, ProData has been at the forefront in the creation and evolution of software for the AS/400 and was one of the first companies to work with the IBM relational database architecture. As a leader in the development of AS/400 utilities, ProData utility installations number over 15,000 with distributors located worldwide.

For more information, contact Shelli Peck at ProData is located at 2809 S 160th St , Omaha , Nebraska , 68130 , USA. Telephone: 402.697.7575; Fax: 402.697.7576 and on the web at

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