ProData Announces SQL Audit

Omaha, NE, April 5, 2013 – ProData Computer Svcs, Inc., releases SQL Audit, a utility to aid programmers in the evaluation of their SQL results and help satisfy the demand for monitoring the SQL environment.

SQL Audit allows users to track and monitor modifications made to any IBM i database using ProData’s SQL/Pro or IBM’s SQL. All data inserts, changes and/or deletes are tracked thru journals which can be active only during the execution of each SQL statement or, if journalling is already activated, will use system journal files. SQL Audit also features an interface to display and report these changes for internal audits and compliance tracking.

The SQL Audit interface allows the user to display or extract audit data for viewing or reporting, and to maintain the integrity of the audit files. Users can now log and monitor all database activity from SQL including inserts, changes or deletes.

In addition, ProData’s SQL/Pro authority controls offer extensive tailoring on the access of all files and tailoring of the functionality within SQL for each user. SQL Audit creates the tracking and reporting mechanisms necessary for IT audits. This combination allows files to easily be protected from misuse, while special security needs can be tailored as needed by appropriate users.

About ProData

ProData Computer Services has been serving the midrange community for over 30 years. Geared towards programmer productivity tools, ProData has created innovative utilities to support development within all industries. DBU, database utility, is the flagship product with more than 20,000 installations worldwide. Additional utilities, such as RDB Connect and SQL/Pro,continue to grow and fill the needs of new and current customers with the evolution of technology and the Power Systems.

For more information, contact Shelli Peck at ProData is located at 2809 S 160th St , Omaha , Nebraska , 68130 , USA. Telephone: 402.697.7575; Fax: 402.697.7576 and on the web at

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