ProData Announces email utility for IBM i

Omaha, NE, September 9, 2013 – ProData Computer Services, Inc., makers of the flagship product, DBU, and a long-time IBM i software vendor, today announced SPLF2EML, a utility for technologists on the IBM i. The utility offers a much needed method to easily email spooled files to one or a group of addresses as needed.

SPLF2EML is a utility which every development shop can use. Convert Spool File to Email (Splf2EML) allows you to convert your simple spooled output to a PDF file and then automatically email it to a list of up to 15 recipients with the email subject and text included. The user can pick one spool file or multiple spool files to be merged into one PDF document. The command supports *PRV on all command parms. If *PRV is used, the program will prompt the user with the previous options allowing the user to make changes. SPLF2EML is compatible with all IBM i OS V5R4 and above and must have email configured on the sysem.

With the addition of SPLF2EML to its line of software, ProData rounds out its SPLF utilities which include SPLF2PDF and SPLF2HTML utilities. “With SPLF2EML, we continue to offer useful utilities our customers request.,” said Allen Hartley, CEO and owner of ProData. This utility complements other ProData productivity utilities for the IBM i and can be packaged with DBU, SQL/Pro or any programmer tools.
Price and Availability

SPLF2EML is available now for $195.

About ProData

ProData has been serving the midrange community for over 30 years. Geared towards programmer productivity tools, ProData has created innovative utilities to support development within all industries. DBU, database utility, is the flagship product with more than 20,000 installations worldwide. ProData has been involved with IBM’s Developers Roadmap, IBM’s COMMON America Advisory Council, the IBM Advanced Business Partner program, and as an IBM Tools Partner.

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