ProData Converts Spool Files to Emails with SPLF2EML

by Alex Woodie
ProData converts spool files to Emails with Splf2EML

Are you having trouble getting IBM i spool file output into the hands of your users, customers, or partners? If you are, then a new utility unveiled by ProData Computer Services last month may be just what you need. Called SPLF2EML, the $195 piece of software allows a user at a 5250 screen to convert IBM i spool files into PDFs and then distribute them via email.

The new Convert Spool File to Email (SPLF2EML) product is an interactive tool that allows a user to convert spool files to PDF files, and then automatically email those PDFs to a list of up to 15 recipients. In addition to handling the PDF attachment, the utility enables the user to specify email subject lines and to include text for the body of the email as well.


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