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DBUDatabase Utility

View and modify data on ALL your systems simply

Access via RDi, Web, or Green Screen

Your Company's Data, Made Accessible

DBU allows users to view and update any file instantly without using time consuming queries, DFU or programming. Instantly access information on logicals, enable security and audit logs or view and update multiple files. Access your data via green-screen, RDi or web interface.

  • Use DBU for secure access and audits for all your organization's data.
  • Query your data, modify it as required, delete or reactivate data.
  • The power (and ease) is at your fingertips!

All Data Within Your Network is Accessible


DBU is the only database utility that can access data and track adds, deletes, changes and even VIEWS of company data.
Security can be tailored for all users!

Download DBU Today!

  • Add/change/delete/display files, data areas, user spaces & journals
  • Transfer data between remote system and IBM i
  • Search, scan or replace field comments
  • Secure files with authority options
  • Monitor file changes with audit trails
  • Reactivate deleted records
  • Create database maintenance applications
  • SQL facility which allows more complex searches
  • Data exports to comma-delimited files and XML configurations
  • Display of database triggers on physical files
  • Advanced key field arrangement control
  • Instant Access to database relations allowing selection
  • Print database layouts from remote systems
  • Duplicate records quickly
  • Enable audit trails
  • Assists in the migration of DDS-based physical files to SQL tables
  • Create applications to access remote data
  • Enter Upper/Lower case
  • Display formats
  • Auto duplicate fields
  • Show field attributes
  • Create/Re-Sequence fields
  • Multiple record display
  • Display file in hex
  • Print current record/layout
  • Scan for decimal data errors
  • Open query file support
  • Read & search by format in multiple format logical
  • Restrict command line
  • Full support of null capable fields
  • Disaster recovery codes

Access DBU within RDi

Jump into DBU RDi and see your productivity soar! DBU RDi integrates the power of DBU Server within RDi and gives developers the ability to access most features of DBU green-screen through a new, sleek graphical interface!

Visit our DBU Server technical page for more information. Contact our customer service team at 800.228.6318 or for more information!

Download DBU RDi Today!

DBU RDi installation files are now included in our DBU download.

Open DBU within RDi

Access DBU from your browser!

Unlock the power of DBU with access from any device! DBU Web allows programmers and non-programmers alike to view business-sensitive data from any network-connected device. Access the full functionality of DBU from a sleek, intuitive, and user-friendly graphical interface from your favorite web browser.

Visit our DBU Server technical page for more information. Contact our customer service team at 800.228.6318 or for more information!

Download DBU Web Today!

DBU Web installation files are now included in our DBU download.

Open DBU within Browser

Access Remote Data

Included with DBU at no additional charge! Access cross-platform real-time data on remote systems using one interface. DBU remote database (RDB) supports access to MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, DB2 database and others. Use DBU to analyze data on All your servers.

DBURDBCFG is the command that will get you to the screen to setup connections. Here is the link to the documentation on it 

DB2 Microsoft Access Microsoft SQL Server MySQL Oracle PostgreSQL

DBU Audit

DBU Audit gives administrators control over their databases by allowing them to track and monitor any modifications that have been made to any System i database using DBU.

DBU Audit works by journaling all adds, changes, deletes, reactivation of deleted records and viewing of sensitive data made by users through DBU to a standalone IBM journal. DBU Audit goes beyond the base DBU change logs spool files by storing the data in journals that are secure and cannot be modified. This simplifies the ability to track and report on changes to your database files for regulatory compliance management or internal control requirements.

Download DBU Audit Today!

DBU Audit Screenshots

Journals can be retrieved by file or by user.

DBU the audit journal to see what happened. The before and after images are displayed with the changes highlighted.

DBU Audit Support

Documentation Compatibility
Whitepaper DBU Audit Webinar
DBU Audit FAQs DBU Audit Demo
DBU Audit Menu Demo
Note: DBU uses a command called DBUPTF to update DBU with the latest modifications within the current version. Find out how. To upgrade from a previous release please visit our downloads page to request the installation package.

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"Greatest product ever for working with DB2 files on the iSeries. Don't know what I would do without it."
Rick Fontaine, Turners Falls, MA