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Bring the power and convenience of SQL to your IBM i

Real-time data at your fingertips

What is SQL/Pro?

SQL/Pro brings the power of SQL to your AS/400 for the lowest cost in the market. SQL provides users—both technical and non-technical—with a simple English-like language that gives them the power to query, print and manipulate any data. You’ll be able to select, organize and summarize your information in nearly any way you can imagine—certainly any way you’ll ever require!

Our SQL/Pro interface provides truly easy-to use screens that will have you accessing the power of SQL in no time. But don't let the ease-of-use (or the low price for that matter!) fool you, SQL/Pro is powerful! With field name selection, unlimited history, our unique Saved Queries feature, submission to batch and comprehensive services, SQL/Pro is a mighty tool.

New to SQL?

Don't worry, SQL is super easy once you get the hang of it. Our SQL/Pro Documentation will even help you with the basics of writing SQL queries, and there are tons of other resources on the web as well. Soon you'll be seeing your productivity soar to new heights!

New in the Latest Version

With the latest new release of SQL/Pro, users will benefit from improved interactive performance, SQL history, additional SQL statement prompting and multi-language support. Statements can be executed in batch or interactively allowing output directed to a display, printer file or database file. Other upgrades will allow 132 column display, statement formatting using reserved keywords and an enhanced history log featuring subset capabilities. Use it in conjunction with SQL Audit. SQL/Pro provides the total package for all your in-house SQL software requirements.

Download SQL/Pro 5.0 Today!


  • Improved interactive performance
  • SQL statement prompting
  • Interactive statement entry
  • Execute statements in batch or interactively
  • 132 column display
  • Create files & formatted reports
  • Update files
  • Interactive statement entry
  • Run any interactive AS/400 SQL statement
  • Embed SQL statements in CL
  • Submission of dynamic statement to batch
  • SQL History
  • Multi-language support
  • Direct output to display, printer file or database file
  • Statement formatting using reserved keywords
  • Enhanced history log featuring subset capabilities
  • SQL/Pro changelog - see what's new & if you need to update
  • Field name prompting
  • File member support
  • Variable insertion
  • Unlimited history retrieval
  • Security
  • Save queries for reuse or on menus




Case Studies


"To work without SQL/Pro would be like working with one hand tied behind my back. It is an essential part of providing users with solutions."
Cathy Kautzer, Fayetteville, AR