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Thank you for your interest in our Webinars by Dave

Each of our pre-recorded webinars are approximately 30 minutes long.

DBU - IBM iSeries (AS400) file editor with remote data access

DBU, the "original" DB2 database utility / file editor. With over 20,000 installs of DBU database utility in 31 countries, it is the leading database file editor on the market. Access IBM iSeries (AS/400) data AND any data on any platform through the same interface! It just keeps getting better and better.

DBU remote data

Access cross-platform real-time data on remote systems using one interface! Remote database plug-in supports access to MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, DB2 database and others. You can use DBU to analyze data on all your servers. Powerful DBU functionality can be deployed as a cross-platform file editor access to data.

DBU Audit - control over your data

Just in time for all your auditing and regulatory needs! Check out DBU Audit. This plug-in works with DBU, our powerful database utility, to give administrators control over their databases by allowing them to track and monitor any modifications that have been made to any IBM iSeries (AS400) database using DBU.

Access all your data from the IBM i

RDB Connect provides your IBM iSeries (AS/400) full SQL access to remote databases from all IBM i high-level languages. Easily access all your databases from an RPG program!

Retrieve Deleted Records

Have you ever had that sinking feeling that occurs when the wrong records have been deleted? If so, you realize how important RDR is for you. It is the cheapest insurance you can buy. Just don't wait until you have an emergency to get it! RDR retrieves those records you deleted in error.

RdbConnect 5 and NGS Webinar

You can’t make data-driven decisions with incomplete information. Together, NGS and ProData help you access, transfer, query, analyze, present, and share data wherever it’s stored - all from the IBM i.